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Is Your Loved One Ready for Home Care?

Deciding when to bring in home care for your loved one can be a tough decision. Before making this decision, it’s important to fully understand what home care is and what it is not.

Home care is a non-medical service aimed at making the lives of seniors easier and does not require a doctor’s prescription to obtain. Anyone who feels their loved one needs assistance with daily life can obtain home care.

Services provided by home care professionals include help with personal hygiene, transportation, meal preparation, medication reminders, shopping, bill payments, and companionship.

Is Home Care the Same as Home Health Care?

Home care is not the same as home health care. Home health care is for people who have special medical needs and this service requires a doctor’s prescription. Home health care is administered by a licensed nurse who can assist with medical activities such as providing medical tests and changing medications. In contrast, home care does not require a doctor’s prescription and is designed for families who need assistance.

Signs It Might Be Time for Home Care

It is never easy to acknowledge that your loved one needs extra care living at home. The signs that it might be time to consider bringing in assistance include declining care in personal hygiene, changing eating habits, overall decreased activity, house chores going unattended, bill paying that is ignored and most important to note is an increase in falls and accidents moving around the home.

It Is Also About You, the Family Caretaker

Home care is not just to assist your loved one, it is also to ease the strain on you, the caretaker. While taking care of a loved one, it is easy to neglect oneself and personal life. A home care assistant can help with many daily tasks, including household chores and transportation, lessening the burden on you as the caretaker.

While growing older isn't always easy it can be a more pleasant experience when you have the right support by your side. If you have noticed your loved ones daily care is declining, consider JanCare and see how our caregivers could benefit your needs.

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