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Care Management

Care Management

In order to provide quality care management services, JanCare takes an individualized holistic approach. After a comprehensive evaluation of client needs, our Care Managers plan, coordinate, and advocate for all aspects of care that can positively impact health outcomes. Also, quality of life is improved and ultimately independence can be achieved. Integrating the voice and perspective of each client and their families are key components of the care management plan and it is critical to improving all care and decision-making.

Evaluation of Client Needs

Evaluation of Client Needs

Experience, keen observation skills, and the medical knowledge of our nurse care managers greatly improves the objective data collection during an in-home, face-to-face assessment. Listening to the healthcare goals of the patient, their family, and their physician all help contribute to a beneficial assessment.

Care Plan Development

Care Plan Development

The care plan activities carefully take into consideration all the empirical medical data collected on-site in the patient’s home, plus observations of behavioral, emotional, and physical ability. It also includes information on family and informal support and feedback from other medical professionals and specialists.

Patient Advocacy

Patient Advocacy

Acting as the primary advocate for an individual patient’s healthcare needs, our care managers serve as the central point of contact in coordinating all care, support, and services which improve the quality of life for the individual patient.

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We are there for you when you need it the most. With a hands on approach, going beyond a phone call.

Janice and her staff are first-class.  I am extremely pleased with the care I received.  I highly recommend JanCare.

Bill Becker

A wonderful company with a wonderful staff and very caring and professional owners!

Louisa Luisi-Vilardi

Excellent care for the elderly dementia patients. A great value for the level of care compared to other services!

George Lydford

Wonderful company with a caring and expert staff.

Thomas Ossa

Thanks to JanCare, we’ve been able to keep our parents in their home…for over four years. The company has responded with patience and skill to what seems like constantly changing problems.

Joanne McKeown

Always professional, kind, compassionate, and on top of things. I know my mother is in great hands with everyone at JanCare!

Lisa Gervasi

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