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Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled Nursing Care

When a higher level of care is ordered by your physician, our skilled nursing staff is ready to help. Our nurses are experienced in attending to needs due to acute or chronic illness, recent hospitalization, post-surgical care, and terminal illness.

Care that Fits the Need

Serving Unique Needs

Care that Fits the Need

Our experienced team will work closely with your physician to help you manage your medication, provide wound care and support recovery process. Whether you are coping with a cancer diagnosis, recovering from an accident, managing an acute health need, or battling an ongoing chronic illness, we can assist you in the comfort of your home.

Why Choose JanCare?

JanCare nurses possess high levels of skill and competence. In addition to their skills, our nurses are known for their caring and compassionate nature.

Janice and the entire JanCare team were fantastic. All of the RN's and Aides were attentive and well trained. I don't know what we would have done without their help. I would highly recommend JanCare.

Sheila Kaplan

I can’t imagine any other private health home care service that could possibly be more professional in every respect than JanCare. My 95 year old mom certainly concurs with my assessment.

Mark Bell

JanCare is changing the lives…and provides one of the best examples of private home care in the Hudson Valley!

Lashana Thomas

We all felt, and still feel, a tremendous amount of gratitude for the warmth and caring that they provided for our entire family, as we watched our Dad decline, right up until the moment of his passing. We are beyond fortunate to have had JanCare in our lives.

Laura Coraci

The people who work for JanCare are kind, hardworking, attentive, and compassionate. Even though my Mom is no longer with us, Janice and JanCare will remain as a part of our family. I highly recommend their services.

Dr. Isaac Bruck

Janice and her staff have been highly professional in caring for my 94 year-old mother over the last year. They have been competent, reliable, and all her special needs and I am very appreciative for all their support and kindness.

David Bell

Skilled Nursing Care Testimonial

Your comfort is our priority

Our reputation is built on an enduring trust in who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Everyday we work to earn the trust of our clients and their families.